Tradition is kept alive only by adding to it
- Henry James -

In 1992 Josef and Leopoldine Stasta set the foundation for our family business. Today Christoph Glotz is leading the company in 5th generation with lots of innovation, competence but most importantly with heart. Quality and tradition are of upmost importance at our restaurant & hotel. For more than 90 years, „Der Stasta“ stands for daily hospitality.

For our menu we value saisonality, regionality as well as quality. Our dishes reflect the ingredients that are in season. Der Stasta works with high-quality products from local suppliers. For example, we get our organic fish from Mariazeller Land and our beef comes from Lower Austria. At our restaurant "Der Stasta" we combine classic Viennese cuisine with a modern touch to every dish.

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Take a piece of the Viennese Cuisine to your kitchen and make the perfect Wiener Schnitzel at home.

Anleitung fürs perfekte Schnitzel

We value seasonality - that is why our dishes reflect what ingredients are in season. Each week we create a new menu for our guests. Nevertheless, there are a few classics we cannot keep from our customers. Amongst other it is our crispy Wiener Schnitzel from the flank of veal fried in clarified butter - this is what makes our Wiener Schnitzel so unforgettably delicious. But we also do not want to keep a classic fried beef loin and onions in gravy from you nor a traditional Tafelspitz (boiled beef served with horseradish). That’s why we have our Viennese Classics which you can always find on our menu.